How to Remove Tough Smells in Your Home

on Dec 22, 2016

Having a messy home stinks! Sometimes, literally. No matter how clean your house may look, it if smells bad then you just won’t be able to really enjoy it. Thankfully, there are more than a few ways to remove tough smells.

Follow these simple tips, tricks and basic steps to remove smells to keep your home as fresh and clean as the day you moved in:

  • Find the source
  • Bad smells don’t appear on their own, there is always a source. The first step to remove smells from your home is to identify what is producing the smell: where it is and why it smells. Once you identify the cause it becomes a lot easier to remove the bad odour (or odours as the case may be). No matter how much air freshener you spray, how many candles you light, or how long you leave your windows and doors open -  if you don’t find and remove the root cause of the smell then it won’t improve.

  • Do the dishes
  • Often times after a big party, or family gathering the dishes pile up. Food residue can quickly go moldy or rotten and start to smell, even before you would think to suspect the dishes of being the culprit. Yet, if the dishes aren’t the primary cause of a foul odour, doing the dishes will leave your kitchen smelling fresh.

  • Use vinegar
  • Remember that dishwashers themselves need some attention. After years of tackling your stuck on food, your dishwasher will start to make a stink. Try running it with a cup of vinegar in the top rack (or pour some vinegar in the bottom – depending on your manufacturer’s instructions). The water and steam will spread the vinegar, cleaning out your dishwasher safely and naturally. Boiling vinegar on the stove is also a great way to remove nasty food smells like fish, cabbage or onion. Vinegar mixed with citrus is also a great way to clean and freshen up the microwave.  

  • Use a portable ozone generator
  • Sometimes smells just won’t go away, no matter what you try. To remove smells that just won’t leave, invest in an ozone generator. The POG is a portable ozone generator, which is a high-tech piece of equipment. It generates ozone, which is a natural compound found in the atmosphere. Rather than 2 atoms like O2, ozone has three oxygen atoms, abbreviated as O3. The extra molecule interacts with nasty smells and other odour causing bacteria, by attaching itself and ultimately neutralizing them all together.

    When it comes to tough offensive smells; The POG works like a magic wand that starts working instantly. It is highly suggested to remove the cause of the offensive odour, and then ensure that you generate enough ozone to tackle the lingering smell.

    Be proactive! Keeping your home clean and odour free is an ongoing job. You can remove smells all day long, but unless you address the source (whether that means training your pet, your kids or changing your cleaning routine) the smell will inevitably come back.

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