How To Remove Tough Smells in Your Home and Car In Minutes

on Jan 25, 2017

If you can’t seem to rid of pesky odours around your home even after your regular cleaning sessions, it could be possible bacteria has tucked itself in a safe place where not even your best cleaning tools can’t reach. Indeed, it can be frustrating that after labouring away between rooms, scrubbing, washing, dusting, you can still smell a lingering odour. The truth is, smells happen and it’s normal for any home especially those with children and pets.

Finding the exact source of the odour can also feel like a bad game of hide-and-seek. Once you manage to find the general area of the odour, the question is: how would you go about removing the smell without damaging the carpet, furniture or surface? As tempting as it would be to simply dowse the area with a jug of vinegar, it’s probably not ideal to rid of one smell and replace it with the sour smell of vinegar, especially if you’re expecting guests anytime soon.


If the goal is to eliminate odours and keep odours from coming back, then spraying chemicals in the air won’t work. It’ll probably mask the odour for the time being and then you’ll find the smells will creep back into the room just as potent as it was before. It’s common knowledge that odours are caused by bacteria, so permanently destroying the bacteria at the source is the best way to remove smells entirely, and prevent the growth of bacteria again.


Have you ever tried a Personal Ozone Generator? Otherwise known as The POG. A friend of mine introduced it to me after our kid’s soccer practice. We were loading up the sports gear into her trunk and just before she slammed the trunk door shut, I saw her turn on a palm-size device and toss into the trunk with the sports gear. “ What was that?” I thought.  Anyway, Jane’s always been a bit of an environmentalist, a big believer in going “green” especially after she had kids. It was no surprise to me that she had this nifty device.  


A POG is a safe way to naturally destroy viruses and odour causing bacteria without using harsh chemicals, deodorizers or cleansers. It won’t mask odours, it gets rid off odour causing bacteria and viruses in the air using naturally occurring molecules to completely destroy odours at the source, virtually anywhere air can pass through. The POG works effectively in virtually any type of situation, leaving only a fresh and clean scent similar to the freshness of the air after a thunderstorm.

Just before our guests arrived, I gave the living area a good vacuum to get rid of any lingering pet fur, wiped down the surfaces, and turned on the POG on a 1-hour timer. It was just enough time to prep the appetizers. Within minutes, there was a noticeable difference in the way the odours in the room were neutralized. It’s my go-to method for quickly removing smells, destroying bacteria, and purifying the air.

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