POG At The Cottage

on Nov 15, 2016

The cottage is the perfect place. Friends, family, and fresh air, there’s nothing better! Last weekend, cottage season came to a close as we began the big clean to get our place ready for the winter. This year we had a few tricks as well as a secret weapon to keep our favorite domain in top shape to last the winter.

Here’s what we did:

Vacuumed and Washed the Floors - A given step in the cleaning process but we took it one step further by also vacuuming the furniture, going as far as to turn it over and get the bottoms!

We then ran the POG on a 1 hour cycle moving it from couch to chair to other couch to other couch every 25 minutes. The POG removed the lingering wet puppy smell from the furniture and we avoided using any chemical products in our living area!

Wash and Disinfect Toilets and Toilet Brush Holders and Plungers - Yes of course bathrooms need to be cleaned and disinfected but pro tip: don’t forget the toilet “accessories”. 

Take the holder and the brush outside, and spray wash thoroughly with a garden hose. Immerse the holder and brush in a bucket of hot water mixed with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Let everything sit in the solution for a couple of hours, then rinse the holder and brush with a hose and place in direct sunlight to dry.

After the washrooms have been cleaned run the POG in the room on a 3 further disinfect the area and amenities.

Wash and Disinfect Garbage Cans and Wastebaskets - This is often overlooked or forgotten!  

You’re shutting in the germs and bacteria all winter neglecting to wash highly used items such as the garbage cans - so make them a priority.

Take them outside where you can blast the insides with a garden hose. Keep chemicals out of the equation by using an environmentally safe mixture of 50/50 vinegar and water. Let the garbage cans sit for an hour, then pour out the contents and scrub the insides with a stiff bristle brush to remove any residue. Rinse and, if possible, let the wastebasket dry in direct sunlight, which helps eliminate bacteria.

After they are dry put them under the sink with the POG which will also eliminate up to 98% of bacteria and any lingering odours that may have built up in the plastic.

Other places we like to run the POG to help sterilize the interior of the cottage are:

  • The cupboards after they have been voided of any food remaining from the summer.
  • The fridge - this helps eliminate any odour causing bacteria from any split for forgotten food.
  • The bedrooms to destroy any bacteria deep in any of the surfaces
  • The garage to remove any odours potentially caused by hot garbage, wet recycling bins, or damp life jackets

There's no real limit to where you can use the POG to eliminate odour, reduce bacteria, and avoid the use of chemicals at the cottage as well as in your home!

Try it for yourself today!



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