Product Hack: Removing Smells From Baby Bottles And Sippy Cups

on Nov 15, 2016

Is your baby having a hard time parting with their favourite bottle or sippy cup? If you’re familiar with this situation with your little ones at home, you probably have noticed a smell that remains in an overly used bottle, no matter how well you wash it. A good thing to note is that if the bottle is thoroughly washed, it doesn’t affect the smell and won’t negatively affect your baby's health, however it could change the taste of their milk over time. Regardless, here’s some ways you can get rid of those pesky smells:

Rinse the bottle immediately after use

Understandably, you may not have two free hands every time you finish bottle feeding your baby. If you need to get back to washing your bottles at a later time, pour out any remaining liquids and give the bottle a quick rinse with water. Let the bottle sit open, upside down in the sick until you have time to give it a good wash.

Use a brush designed for scrubbing bottles, add a tiny bit of soap and wash the bottles carefully.

Store your bottles in the fridge

After you’ve washed your bottles and allowed them to air dry for some time, you can store them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them again. The cold air prevents the growth of bacteria.

Deodorize with the POG

While your bottles are being stored in the refrigerator, place the POG beside the bottles and turn it on a 3-hour timer. Close the refrigerator door and allow the POG to work, to naturally purify and deodorize the entire area, including the bottles.

These tips will have your bottles smelling fresh, similar to the smell after a thunderstorm and naturally purified. Learn more about the POG and how it works!

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