Purify Air Naturally At Home Or At Work With The POG

on Nov 30, 2016

Ozone generators are a natural way to purify the air in your home, car, RV, hockey bag or anywhere that air needs freshening. A POG is a personal and portable ozone generator designed for easy use in smaller spaces. Ozone generators function by using energy and electricity to produce Ozone molecules which disperse and attach to odour causing bacteria destroying it at the source. The POG releases a strong smell while running but leaves only a clean fresh scent similar to the smell after a thunderstorm. Without the use of harmful chemicals and carcinogens, the POG has the ability to purify air naturally, as nature intended. 

There are many different applications for the POG outside of the home and personal use. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, clinics, car rental companies, and realtors can all benefit greatly from a device like a POG. Below we discuss the use of a POG in the tourism, hospitality, and real estate industries.

There is an abundance of uses for any business in the Hospitality and Tourism industry; from disinfecting bacteria to purifying rooms after they have been used by a number of guests. The POG is able to reach and penetrate into various spaces, even the hardest to reach areas. It will eliminate lingering food or smoke smells and other odours that may be embedded in hotel beds, furniture, or rugs. It is almost impossible nor is it practical for hotels to wash their rugs and furniture after every guest.The POG works effectively to destroy bacteria anywhere air can pass through.

Another common use for the POG is to purify food storage and garbage removal areas, where it will destroy and prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria. Restaurants can use the POG in the kitchen to prevent the smell of strong ingredients or waste from taking over the kitchen as well as keeping products in their fridge fresher longer. The POG is also an excellent tool for keeping the kitchen and dining areas sterile and disinfected. The POG has been proven in clinical studies to be effective in killing 98% of airborne and surface staph bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold & mildew.  

Bad odours are always a turn-off, whether it is bad breath, smelly sweat, or a stinky room!

A fresh and clean smelling room is especially important if you’re trying to rent or sell a home. Based on numerous studies and articles, it's proven that the right smell can help sell a home. Real Estate Agents and sellers in the real estate market know that selling a home isn’t always easy. The POG can be used after a quick clean and reorganization (or staging) of your home to prepare it for open houses and viewings. Turn it on a 1 or 3-hour timer before the scheduled viewing and leave only a fresh clean scent for your potential buyers!

There are no limits to where you can use the POG and what it could help you with! Learn more about the POG today!

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