Up in Smoke – How to Remove the Smell of Smoke from Your Home

on Jan 25, 2017

Ozone generators are easily one of the best odour eliminators on the market today. They tackle almost any smell. They  turn rooms, fabrics and carpets that were once unbearable into useable spaces once again. Here are some of the most popular ways that people use this amazing odour eliminator.

Generally speaking, there are two types of smoke damage. There is damage caused by cigarette or cigar smoke, and damage caused by a fire – either through a wood burning fireplace or stove or by a fire.

Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke is one of the most persistent and irritating smells that people have to deal with, and it is also (unfortunately) one of the most common. Years of smoking can turn white walls yellow, stain curtains, and leave an overpowering odour. Whether you have recently moved into a home damaged by cigarette smoke, renting to a smoker, or have recently quit; getting rid of a heavy smoke smell is likely a priority.

In some cases, you’ll have to simply bite the bullet and pay contractors to wash, or even replace the walls and ceiling. Throwing out an old chair and curtains isn’t a big deal, but renovating can take a serious bite out of your budget.

That is why it is a good idea to first try using ozone to eliminate the odour. Painting over walls damaged by cigarette smoke will only temporarily mask the problem. A short term fabric solution like using a slipcover will provide only a temporary solution.

To eliminate the smell of smoke you’re going to want to run the ozone generator in the smoke-damaged room for about eight hours. Make sure that the door and windows are sealed, and set up fans to ensure that the ozone spreads around the room. Remember also that ozone in high concentrations, adequate ventilation is required. Make sure that you give the ozone time to work its magic, settle and then open windows and doors to clear the room out.

Cigarette smoke in cars

The same principle applies to cars. If you are buying or selling a second-hand car, then you may have to deal with smoke damage caused by cigarettes. The same principles that dictate the use of ozone in rooms applies to cars. Set up your ozone generator in the car with the windows and doors locked. Then turn it on and allow the ozone to circulate. Afterwards, air the vehicle out. Removing the smell of smoke should allow you to sell you vehicle for a higher price.

Cigarette smoke on clothes

To remove the smell of cigarettes from clothes you may have to do more than just wash or dry clean them. Hanging your clothes in a closet or other confined space with an ozone generator is a great way to effectively eliminate the smell of smoke. This is key for anyone who has inherited the belongings of a smoker, bought used clothes, or quit smoking themselves.

Fire damage

A home damaged by fire can be cleared of smoke smell using the same method. The key difference is that, in the case of a house fire, you must first ensure that the house is safe and that all damaged materials are removed.

Removing the smell of smoke will increase the value of your property and make your life more enjoyable. Stop worrying about potentially damaging second-hand smoke with the help of the POG Odour Eliminator.

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