What Makes The POG Such An Important Product?

on Nov 15, 2016

In all honesty, the POG exists as a safe alternative to chemical and carcinogenic air fresheners for your home. - Does this scenario below sound familiar?

House guests are about to arrive, and you have limited time on the clock to eliminate the smell lingering in the air from the mix of cooking dinner, your kids coming in after hockey, and Rover, the family dog rolling around on the the living room carpet after running through the sprinkler. No one wants a smelly house and sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. You reach for a can of air freshener, and spray it continuously. Before you know it, an overwhelming burst of fragrance fills the air…

What most homeowners don’t realize is that common chemical-based air fresheners contain dangerous ingredients, which are linked to cancer, allergies, eye and lung irritation, developmental/reproductive toxicity, and much more.

Formaldehyde and naphthalene (common carcinogens), xylene (a neurotoxin) and butane gas are common ingredients inside aerosol air fresheners that you should avoid.

Looking for a safe and reliable alternative? There are many options that you and your family can choose from – and they won’t compromise your health.

Here are three possibilities you should consider:

Potted Plants
Thinking of going green? Potted plants are a fantastic option that are inexpensive – not to mention, they’ll make your home feel cozy and well-decorated.

All indoor houseplants have been proven (to some degree) to naturally eliminate odors. This is done through the normal photosynthesis process; the toxins are absorbed through the leaves, which then help the plant to grow and use its cellular respiration.

When you visit your local garden centre, you will likely be overwhelmed by all of the choices that will be presented to you – especially when you compared the larger leafed varieties. When you’re out shopping, it’s important to keep in mind that some plants perform better than others. In fact, certain plants have been proven to eliminate 90% of chemicals in the air, within twenty-four hours! Popular choices that deliver strong results, include: English Ivy, Boston Fern, Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lily, Spider plants, Areca Palm, and the Flamingo Lily.

Essentials Oils
Lemon oil or eucalyptus are two specific types of essentials oils that are known to neutralize your home and give a fresh, clean scent. Fill a spray bottle with distilled water and add approximately 20 drops of your preferred scent. Spray the liquid in each room and within seconds, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the scent fills in the air.

If you prefer a longer lasting method, essentials oils can also be applied directly to your furnace filter. The best part about this option is that the smell will likely linger for a few weeks at a time.

Last but not least, The POG offers a safe and reliable way to eliminate viruses and odour inside your household. Instead of masking odours, it will clean the air without using harsh chemicals – which are commonly found in household deodorizers and cleaners.

Using the POG is quite simple; place it in an enclosed area or on a surface inside your home and set the self-timer. You can choose 1 hour or 3 hours option settings and within these durations, the air will naturally be purified and all airborne bacteria will be eliminated. The POG will release ozone molecules, which interact with bacterial cells and create holes in the cell wall.

With a proven track record, this is a reliable option that is bound to deliver the results you need! The POG has been proven to kill 98.99% of surface staph, mold, mildew, fungi and yeast in the air.

The best part about this option is its versatility. You can use The POG in so many ways – and for a variety of uses. It also has a quiet, natural presence, with a small footprint inside your home.

Among a long list of uses, the POG is great for:

    • Sports equipment; especially inside hockey bags or gym bags
    • For bacterial infections – which is especially important during cough, cold and flu season
    • Fungus or yeast inside your kitchen
    • Neutralizing pet odours
    • Controlling the smell of kitty litter
    • Eliminating cigarette smoke
    • Destroying tough odours in the car

Try the POG today!

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